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-JB 2008 Tribute Events Begin
-Host An Event in Your City – Find Out How!
-June 28: Kansas City tribute Event
-[Ireland- May 31, 2008]: Recap By Grace Sheehan
-Road Recovery’s Gene Bowen Receives Lewis Hine Award
-Artist’s Inspired By Jeff Buckley: One Republic

SCENE & HEARD – [Jeff Mentions From Around The World] – Gene Bowen & Road Recovery: CBS Early Show
– la nouvelle star-Jeff #1 on French Idol TV
– Italy’s “OndaRock”
– James Blunt – ABC Nightline
– Matt Johnson: Rhythm Magazine
– Top 50 Albums/ Influential Drummers

MARY’S MAILBAG (With Love from MG)
– Mary Guibert & Jeff Painting
– Montessori ?
– Sin-e’ Recordings & Jeff’s Grace Jacket

We’d like to thank you all for your kind letters on May 29th
and everyone who lit a candle in memory of Jeff at and shared your stories of how
you celebrate Jeff. Remember to always Commit “random
acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty” and
spread The Golden Promise in your life !

The Golden Promise


Jeff Buckley Tribute Events for 2008 have begun.

If you would like to organize a Jeff Buckley Tribute Event in your area,
please check out the Tribute page and get back to us with all
the details of the event that you would like to plan !

Several events have already taken place, January 16th in Torino, Italy and in Ireland on May 31, 2008. Read a recap of the Ireland event in this issue JBIN.

If you have any video or pictures that you’d like to share with us from that or any Jeff Buckley Tribute Events, please send them to us at
[email protected]

Saturday, June 28: The Record Bar
Kansas City, Missouri

Event: Jeff Buckley Tribute Show-Kansas City
“Grace in the Heartland: Kansas City’s Tribute To Jeff Buckley”

When: Saturday, June 28 at 7:00 PM

Where: The Record Bar
1020 Westport Rd
Kansas City, Missouri 64111
(in the famous Westport district)
(816) 753-5207

Time: 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Tribute Page links:

Show Details
Ages: 21+
Ticket Price: $10 (Proceeds to benefit the MD Anderson Pancreatic Cancer

Jeff Buckley Tribute:
Lawrence musician Joe Garvey recently went to Paris to headline the Paris Jeff Buckley Tribute. Returns to Lawrence and decides to do one here in Kansas City.

The Record Bar is honored to host the tribute event. Performances from Joe Garvey, Miller Howell, Anna Cole of Lights & Siren and The Abigail Murphy Band. Proceeds will be donated to the MD Anderson
Pancreatic Cancer Clinic

[IRELAND – MAY 31, 2008] By Grace Sheehan

Saturday May 31 2008 showcased the Official Jeff Buckley Tribute Night
Ireland in the intimate venue The Village. Bands traveled from all corners of the country and from the UK to pay their respects through music to the great Jeff Buckley.

For all of them he was a key influence in their discovery of music which was beyond making noise, or making money. There is a whole emotion running through each note of his songs. He was where love met music, and that was passed on through the musical family that is every artist that has been touched by him.

Every heart broke as we were reminded what the world had to let go of 11 years ago, but it was tears of immense joy as we were blessed with his wonderful ballads, which were beautifully captured by Ireland’s most
exciting artists. His heavy rock songs were performed to perfection and

Bringing his melody and lyric to life and to the stage were the incredibly
talented Rhob Cunningham, Walter Mitty and The Realists, Chayka, Baby Jenx, Rainchair, Aquila, Luan Parle and Gavin Ralston, and Aortal finishing up the night wonderfully, with Grace and Last Goodbye, and also honoring a musical hero of Jeff’s, Nina Simone, with a heavy, guitar driven version of Feeling Good.

Another band to honor a favorite of Jeff’s were Rainchair, with Led
Zeppelin’s classic, Good Times, Bad Times, and it was epic!

Jeff Buckley classics were represented by every amazing act on the night
with great care and respect, but the individuality of every act added a
creditable modern twist on the tunes.

His songs will never go out of fashion, because to a Buckley fan, they are not fashion, they are the very core of a Buckley-inspired singer, guitarist, drummer, fan, etc, and that is ceaseless.

The night was brought together with the much appreciated help of the lovely people, mainly Jack [Fun Palace], at, the ever selfless stage crew who worked and worked to the very end for the love of Jeff (thanks Nora, Suyeon, Donal..), the brilliant Lighting Designer, Ronan Humphries, the film editor extraordinaire, Brian, who compiled a charity awareness DVD for the Niall Mellon Township Trust for which the night raised money, website at (, and the very patient inhouse engineers at The Village.

Jeff Buckley was well and truly alive that night, as his songs were done
incredible justice by his adoring followers, and our constant longing for
his music to be played live and to a tremendously high standard, was
fulfilled, and it seemed he was born again from the rhythm.

Thank you Jeff.

More info online at:

Receives Lewis Hine Award

Jeff Buckley’s former tour manager and founder of ROAD RECOVERY, Gene Bowen, recently received the Lewis Hine Award. Congratulations Gene !!!!! More info about ROAD RECOVERY is available online at

NEW YORK – The National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) 23rd Annual Lewis Hine Awards were presented at the Time Warner Center in New York City on Monday, March 31st to Ten Unsung Heroes for Outstanding Service to Children and Youth.

Named for the acclaimed photographer who documented early twentieth century exploitation of child labor, the Lewis Hine Awards for Service to Children and Youth are bestowed annually to ten relatively unknown men and women for their efforts on behalf of the health, education, and welfare of children and youth, particularly those at risk.

The Lewis Hine Awards are given to unheralded professionals and volunteers who devote extraordinary time and energy to helping children and youth.

The recipients, who come from many walks of life and from across the United States, are selected by a panel of distinguished judges from nominations submitted by elected officials and community leaders.

“These awards offer us an opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of people doing extraordinary things on behalf of young people. We applaud and elevate their work and dedication in the hope that they are an example for the rest of us to be agents of change in our society.”
said John W. Lee II, the 2008 Awards Chairman

About the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC):
The National Child Labor Committee is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to the well-being of children and youth in the fields of work and education.

Founded in 1904 and incorporated by an Act of Congress in 1907, the mission of NCLC is to promote the rights, dignity, well-being, and education of children and youth as they relate to work and the workplace.

In its eleventh decade, the NCLC continues the work of its founding visionaries as a leading force in ensuring child labor law compliance, transforming the workplace into a learning environment, improving employment and training opportunities for older youth, and securing youth occupational safety and health.

Additional information about the organization and its programs can be found at:

One Republic
By Marie Corbeau

In 2001 Ryan Tedder was living in Nashville and nabbed a record deal for winning a singer songwriter contest.

Following his winning, he received a call from one of the world’s most celebrated super-producer, Timbaland who took him under his wing. It was clear to Tedder that he wanted to be an artist and perform but his mentor worked to develop him as a producer. After two years they parted on friendly terms.

In 2002 Tedder moved to Colorado Springs where he looked up an old high school friend Zach Filkins and in 2003 they moved to LA to put the band “One Republic” together.

The current members are: Ryan Tedder (vocals,guitar,piano), Zach Filkins (guitar, vocals) Eddie Fisher (drums), Brent Kutzle (bass/cello), and Drew Brown (guitar).

One Republic has drawn some mainstream attention since the release of their single, “Apologize”.

The remix was featured on Timbaland’s “Shock Value” and “Dream Out Loud”. It is said that they are a very polarizing band in terms of critics; some love them-some hate them, but the band has been quoted as saying, “We wrote this album for people who actually love music, not for critics.”

Their debut album, “Dreaming Out Loud”, was released in the US on November 20, 2007. International release dates were staggered throughout early 2008.

As of April 1, 2008 “Dreaming Out Loud” was certified platinum (in excess of 1 million units sold). The band’s 2nd single “Stop & Stare” has also crossed the 2 million mark in terms of single sales Worldwide. Currently the band is gearing up for the release of their 3rd single “Say (All I Need).”

For more information check the band website at: and the band MySpace page at

Check out the bands cover of Jeff Buckley’s “Last Goodbye” well done !…

[Jeff Mentions From Around The World] *********************************************************

Gene Bowen, founder of Road Recovery was featured on The CBS Early
Show recently.

For nearly two weeks, Jeff was n°1 on the French itunes (now, he’s still number 7) with “Hallelujah”. Indeed, on the French equivalent of “American Idol”, called “la nouvelle star” – which means “the new star”), one of the performers named Julien, sang “Hallelujah” and the song gained a lot of interest from it. Immediately after, people were downloading the song more and more.

James Blunt was interviewed on ABC Nightline recently and Jeff Buckley
“Hallelujah”was on his Nightime Playlist. “Hallelujah” was played in
the background while Blunttalked about how much inspiration he finds
in Jeff’s music. This portion of the show is streaming online from
the Nightline website at:

Additionally, the Italian Music Magazine “OndaRock” featured an article here: Jeff Buckley “the angels voice”.

MATT JOHNSON: Top 50 Albums / Influential Drummers
Drummer from The Jeff Buckley Band, Matt Johnson was recently voted # 36 of Influential Drummers in a poll conducted by Rhythm Magazine. The poll lists the 50 albums voted as the top drum albums of all-time.

#36 Jeff Buckley – Grace (1994)
Drummer: Matt Johnson

See the line-up at:…

Read more online at:

Thanks To: Fun Palace, Rex Gambill, Nikki Coates & Lambchops, Nico (France), Davide (Italy).

…with love from M. G.

If you have a question for Mary, please tell us what City/Country you are writing from and send them to: [email protected] Letters reprinted by permission


Hello Mary!

I’ve seen the JBIN Newsletter posted on My Space and
in the newsletter it is written …

“If you have a question to Mary, write …” So, my question is :
“How are you?”

And “I would like to see you playing piano, but not on video…
but in a live performance. Is this something we could ever see ?

I hope you will enjoy my painting I did for you of Jeff.

Nelly Labigand,
Gujan-Mestras, France

Dear Nelly;

I’m so glad you wrote to me. I have just returned from a long visit to France (two weeks), where I had meetings in Paris and a short vacation in Montpellier. I don’t know where Gujan-Mestras is located, but I will definitely look it up on my map.

What a beautiful country you live in! I will certainly be returning to spend more time to get to know your country better and to improve my ability to speak French (very challenging).

One of my meetings was with the French Sony-BMG group, who promise to set up an official mirror website to that will be completely in French.

I’m so very sorry, my friend, but you will never see me give a live piano concert. It has been decades since I really studied or practiced my instruments daily (piano and cello), but I do play for my grandchildren and for my own personal enjoyment. Not even some of my closest friends have heard me play.

However, I do recommend to everyone who dreams of playing a musical instrument to give it a try, whether young or old – it’s never too late. Even if you only learn a little, it brings a great deal of satisfaction and fun. And, in my opinion, everyone should sing at least once a day.

They say that the human brain reacts the same way any time that person sings, or makes love. The world would be a happier place if we all sang our hearts out on a daily basis.

I enjoyed your painting of Jeff very much. You are extremely talented. I’m sure our other readers will be interested in seeing it, as well. Thank you for sending it in and for joining our little “fan club”.

Votre ami,


Hello Mary,

I wanted to ask your opinion about Montessori. Been researching it for the past couple of months and just read somewhere that you were a teacher? Is that correct? Well, I would like to teach/utilize
it in my home. Do you think it is better to send a child to a Montessori school?

I want to be very involved in it regardless, but was wondering if I could have enough of an impact teaching at home. Are there any books that you recommend? Also, thank you for including your “mailbag” in the last newsletter.

We are all very excited for “Amazing Grace.” It was really nice of you to post his book list as well. Over the years I have purchased 70% of them and have been drawn to some new authors I did not know about previously.

Tattoos in Jeff’s honor are getting popular! I have seen a lot of “grace” tattoos recently… It was hard to decide on mine, but I went with “Cadeau de Paix” – “Gift of Peace” in French, the meaning of Jeffrey.

That is what his music has brought to me…peace. It really is impossible to put into words how his way of life ended up changing mine and my family’s life.

Thank you for all you do and have a wonderful day,


Dear Melissa:
I most definitely encourage you to find a good Montessori preschool for your child. Maria Montessori was a genius and was instrumental in changing the way the entire world approached the education of very young children. Before her discoveries, it was thought that pre-school children were incapable of learning quantitative and literary skills.

If they attended school, after age 6 or 7, they were made to sit in one place and constantly repeat the teachers’ words like little parrots in cages. Maria changed all that when she proved that the little children of factory workers, who were thought to be mentally retarded, could not only read and do mathematics, but they were drawn to learning naturally, as a part of their inherent nature.

I was not a credited Montessori teacher, but was trained by one to be her assistant in the classroom. It was in this way that I was able to pay for both my sons to attend school, as it is usually more expensive than regular preschools. It was a tremendous learning experience for the three of us. It made me a much more patient and understanding parent.

My boys were never bored, and their curiosity and intelligence was always respected. HUGE! It cannot help but be a good thing for you to educate yourself in the Montessori concepts so that you can reinforce what they learn in school.

Maria’s original book, “The Absorbent Mind” is required reading, of course. I’m sure that there have been many books written that explain her theories and practices, but that one is essential.

Thanks for giving me the French meaning of Jeff’s name. Very special. I’ve never been tempted to get a Jeff-related tattoo, at my age, but that one really touched me. I might change my mind, after all. Bless you!


Hello Mary

I’m a new subscriber to the newsletter and I must say that it is fascinating to hear your views and opinions.

Okay, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this but I’m a huge fan of Jeff. His music is just mind blowing and he is my biggest idol.

Okay I have 3 questions which I hope you will find the time to answer.

My first one: Is there much footage from Jeff’s gigs at Sin-E available? Because if so, someone should put together a DVD of his gigs there.

My second question is, what is your favorite song that Jeff recorded?

And finally, what kind of jacket is he wearing on the Grace cover and is there anywhere I can get one?

Thanks so much for your time.
Gerry Devine, 16
Limerick, Ireland

Dear Gerry;

Welcome to our “little” group. We love new subscribers! I’m happy to answer your questions:

1. Unfortunately, we don’t have much footage of Jeff at Sin-E. There was only on occasion that I know of where he was filmed in that venue, and it was just before it closed. He sings with Dorothy Scott and recites a poem he wrote. It is part of a book of poetry called “The Spoken Word Revolution Redux”, By Mark Eleveld. It was released in limited numbers two years ago and does include an audio CD with Jeff’s reading. The book with CD is still available at Perhaps we can convince the owner of the footage to make it available on our website. Let me see what I can do.

2. This question is too tricky to answer. It changes. Right now, it’s “You and I”. Before that, it was “Vancouver”. Before that…well, you get the idea.

3. The jacket Jeff is wearing on the cover of grace is a woman’s sequined jacket, the kind your grandma would have worn in the 70’s! You can probably find one where Jeff bought his – in a used clothing store.

Thanks for writing!
Best regards,