Photo by Hideo Oida.

[Closing paragraph from the eulogy Jeff’s mother gave at the memorial service held at St. Ann & The Trinity Church, Brooklyn NY, on July 31,1997]

Golden Promise

Clearly, this young man touched countless lives with his vitality and humanity. The absence of this being from our little planet is a tragic loss for everyone, if we consider his musical talent alone. Thank God we have the music and his recordings to console us. What we have lost by way of his tenderness and soulfulness is beyond measure, and cannot be replaced…unless, perhaps, each of us makes a Golden Promise to act on his behalf from this day forward.

A Golden Promise is one that must never be broken. It is made in one’s heart to another heart that’s just departed this life. Look into your soul and find a Promise you can keep that would make this world a better place, even if just for a moment. Commit “random acts of kindness and senseless acts of beauty”… demonstrate the courage to follow your bliss.And if, when you go to that silent, certain place in your heart, you find there a Promise you can make that gives you a higher purpose in life, then make the strongest vow you’ve ever made and maybe, just maybe, together we’ll be able to repair the damage done to this lowly little world by the untimely passing of this gentle minstrel.


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