Throughout his life, Jeff obsessively kept journals chronicling his goals, inspirations, aspirations, and creative struggles. His diaries amount to one of the most insightful life chronicles a musical artist could leave behind. His Own Voice marks the first-ever publication of Jeff’s journeys through his handwritten diaries and lyrics. It also features rich photos of Jeff’s personal effects, instruments, and clothing. Combined with other memorabilia, including letters, notes, and unpublished poetry – the book takes readers deep inside Jeff’s creative mind and personal life.


This collection was created with love and respect for Jeff and his legacy, and has required a delicate balance of intimacy and reverence. Throughout his afterlife the mystery, presumption, opinion, and distortion of who Jeff was has eclipsed him. It was time for his fans to know the true man…through His Own Voice. We hope you truly enjoy this journey through his imagination, genius, and his spirit. 


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