How To Organize a Jeff Buckley Tribute Event

by November 9, 2014

Jeff Buckley Music supports tribute organizers around the world in coordinating and promoting their fan-based/organized event celebrating Jeff’s legacy.

Jeff Buckley Music has supported global fan-based tribute events for over 15 years. Once an organizer provides us with sufficient information about the event (which must adhere to some basic guidelines), we may provide promotional items such as JB guitar picks, tattoos, photo postcards and posters to aid in the promotion and overall ambience of the event. We may also assist in online marketing and advertising, as well as advocacy for the non-profit organization benefiting from your event through our social media outlets, website, and newsletter.

The philosophy of Jeff Buckley Tribute Events is inspired by Jeff’s own philosophies: we aim to give local, independent artists a platform and raise awareness for charitable organizations. You can do this, all while paying tribute to Jeff’s life and legacy. Please note: We cannot support single band showcases, DVD/CD sales of the event, events generating profit that is not 1) donated to an approved non-profit organization or 2) distributed among participating artists. We cannot support events paying large sums of money for celebrity appearances. We discourage organizers from planning their event on or around the day of Jeff’s death (too morbid, people!). Most tributes take place in the summer, or around Jeff’s birthday in November.

Please use our Contact page to send us the information below so we can know more about the event you would like to plan:

Location:  City, State, Country:

Exact and Confirmed Date of Your Event:

Name and Capacity of Venue:

Estimated Cost of Venue/Rental:

Ticket Price:


Musical Guests:

Age of Entry for Attendees:

Name of Charity or Non-Profit Organization Associated With Event: (Please also provide a website for the charity, if available, and any contact info)

Will A Percentage of Proceeds Be Going To Such Charities?

Will a Percentage of Proceeds Go To Participating Artists?

Please Provide a Breakdown of Percentages:
– Charity:
– Artists:
– Expense Recoup:

Do You Plan To Video/Audio Record The Event?