Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk

RELEASED: May 26, 1998



Disk 1
The Sky Is A Landfill – (Jeff Buckley / Michael Tighe)
Everybody Here Wants You – (Jeff Buckley)
Opened Once – (Jeff Buckley)
Nightmares By The Sea – (Jeff Buckley)
Yard Of Blonde Girls – (Audrey Clark, Lori Kramer, Inger Lorre)
Witches’ Rave – (Jeff Buckley)
New Year’s Prayer – (Jeff Buckley)
Morning Theft – (Jeff Buckley)
Vancouver – (Jeff Buckley, Michael Tighe, Mick Grondahl)
You & I – (Jeff Buckley)

Disk 2
Nightmares By The Sea – (Jeff Buckley)
New Year’s Prayer – (Jeff Buckley)
Haven’t You Heard – (Jeff Buckley)
I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be) – (Jeff Buckley)
Murder Suicide Meteor Slave – (Jeff Buckley)
Back In N.Y. – (M. Rutherford, R. Hacket, P. Collins, P. Gabriel (Genesis)
Demon John – (Jeff Buckley / Michael Tighe)
Your Flesh Is So Nice – (Jeff Buckley)
Jewel Box – (Jeff Buckley)
Satisfied Mind – (Joe Hayes/Jack Rhodes)
Gunshot Glitter (bonus track) – (Jeff Buckley)
Thousand Fold (bonus track) – (Jeff Buckley)


These lyrics reflect the words Jeff sang in the particular performances you will be listening to on the album. It was his usual practice to experiment and improvise throughout the creative process. There are moments in these recordings where he mispronounces a word or garbles a phrase. In those cases, we referred to his handwritten manuscripts, though those were often different, earlier incarnations of the versions he recorded here. I cannot emphasize enough that these were works in progress, still in the process of metamorphosis. I have done my best to make the following transcriptions as accurate as can be, under the circumstances. –┬áM.Guibert


Jeff Buckley : Guitar, Vocals
Eric Eidel : Drums
Mick Grondahl : Bass
Parker Kindred : Drums
Michael Tighe : Guitar

Production Credits
Jeff Buckley : Engineer, Main Performer
Tom Cadley : Mixing
Jim Caruana : Assistant Engineer
Michael J. Clouse : Engineer, Mixing
Merri Cyr : Photography
Bill Flanagan : Liner Notes
Benjamin Goldstein
Mary Guibert : Liner Notes, Mixing
Nicholas Hill : Producer
Nicky Lindeman : Art Direction, Design
Joe Lizzi : Assistant Engineer
Gail Marowitz : Art Direction, Design
Ray Martin : Engineer
David Seitz : Assistant Engineer
Steve Sisco : Mixing Assistant
Chris Theodore
Irene Trudel : Engineer
Tom Verlaine : Mixing, Producer
Andy Wallace : Mixing