New Releases in 2018, 2019

by May 15, 2017

A personal note to all of Jeff’s new fans, loyal fans, friends, and family.

As some of you may know, have recently announced some exciting new things happening in the world of Jeff Buckley Music.

With any release, we know there will be some unhappy people. People who think they know what “Jeff would have wanted.” The fact of the matter is that Jeff would have wanted to be alive. And no one thinks about Jeff’s wishes, philosophies, and beliefs more than his family. In everything we do, we try to honor Jeff’s spirit and vision…his duende.

We know that there is a fine line between sharing too little and sharing too much. No matter what we do, we know we won’t please everyone. Caring for a legacy is a very difficult task – more difficult than any of you know. Everything must be handled with delicacy, love, and respect. Jeff’s legacy is what it is because people who love him took great care with his materials and his memory.

Fighting against the tide isn’t easy. There are factors such as Jeff’s record label – which, most don’t realize, still own all of his recordings and even the sound of Jeff’s voice in perpetuity. There are old business advisors of Jeff’s who scammed him out of large portions of his advances and royalties and who, consequently, are still paid royalties to this very day. Many angry and resentful people have undermined the efforts to secure Jeff’s personal items over the years, including the theft and destruction of items.

But when we see how many people around the world love and respect Jeff, we feel such gratitude. We want to continue to allow these treasures to be shared with the world. We don’t have complete control over everything, and it’s always a long, difficult journey toward how things will be handled, released, displayed, and published.

These treasures exist and Jeff’s fans deserve to hear them, see them, and touch them. We promise to do our best to bring to you the very best from this jewel box, and would love your support in doing so. Thank you all for the support and positive vibes.

With love,