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We can finally confirm that Patricia Arquette will be taking the role of Jeff’s mother in the biopic, which is set to start filming in New York City in June. The full cast details will be announced in the next few weeks !

More details coming soon to JBIN and !


************************************************************************ recently interviewed our Mystery White Boy film producer, Jake Scott. Read on for a bit of insight into Jake’s world and the film. Interview in its’ entirety is available online at ~ Jake’s film, “Welcome To The Rileys” was released on DVD Monday the 27th of February. Read below for a snippet of Jake’s interview:

Finally, you’ve done a lot of really interesting documentaries – U2, The Cranberries, Smashing Pumpkins, Cypress Hill, even. I’m really intrigued by the prospect of Mystery White Boy. Is there anything you can tell me about it?

If you’re familiar with Jeff Buckley and his music then I’m trying to tell a very faithful, but very intimate, portrait of what I think is probably one of the greatest recent artists in music history. He was a poet, that guy, and I think his music has lasted and still resonates with people because it was so from the depth of his being and soul, you know? I’m not somebody who ever thought I’d make a music film, but I love him so much and his music so much that I couldn’t resist it when it came along. The kid I’ve got to play Jeff is called Reeve Carney. This kid is going to be a big star. He really is. I mean, this kid is going to be huge, I have no doubt about it. He’s going to be a new one for everyone. I think this will be the first film he’s been seen in that people will really see what he’s capable of – he’s an amazing musician …

So it’s completely authentic, with everyone playing their own instruments?

Oh yeah. We’re having the same producer as Control, which I thought was a fantastic film and that’s how they approached it in that film, too, so we’re going to do that. I think Control’s probably the best film about modern music ever made, really – that and 24 Hour Party People – and I think that’s a good lesson, a good guide for us.-

“Not Long For This World” Tribute Album


In his sixth solo effort, a concept album entitled “Not Long For This World”, musician David J has penned a tribute song for Jeff Buckley:”Eulogy For Jeff Buckley”. The song was performed in a PA tribute where Jeff’s mom, Mary Guibert was in attendance. Catch video of this event in Peyote Radio Theatre.

Online blog, “Slicing Up Eyeballs”, recently caught up with David J and asked him about the album and song for Jeff, … “A touching tribute to a talent tragically gone” …. David also talks about seeing Jeff perform. Read the full Q & A below and hear the album in streaming audio. The album also contains tributes to Hank Williams and Spaulding Gray.

Full Interview

Find out more about this album at:



A Jeff Buckley Tribute took place recently in Dublin, Ireland at The Grand Social. Proceeds from the evening went to The Niall Mellon Township Trust. Tribute organizer, Grace Sheehan is currently working with the project. Wishing much Good Luck to Grace in your efforts and travels. Let us know how all goes when you return ! Read on for a recap of the event By Grace Sheehan. Link to Photo Gallery below.

There was actually a very unusual (in a good way) atmosphere, no one really spoke through the whole event, everyone seemed to be completely lost in the music, it was very special actually 🙂

Dave Mc Guinness (of the 90s legends Lir) performed with his band, and featured guest singers throughout. They started beautifully with a few soft numbers (Opened Once, Hallelujah..), and built up the energy as the night went on, working their way through the stunning back catalogue of Jeff classics. They even performed a Tim Buckley number, Morning Glory, and Joan As Police Woman’s gorgeous Eternal Flame. Griff and Band performed an absolutely perfect Eternal Life, and mesmerized all of us with their performance of Grace, with the magical Sarah Red joining them onstage for lead vocals.

The audience was the biggest and best yet (for this particular line of tribute nights), which just proves that Jeff’s music and legacy not only lives on, but is ever-growing.

Photo Gallery



Speaking from the most intimate and sincere place from which an artist can speak- in a dedication to a friend whose presence changed his life- Chris Dowd is working on an album which will be more than a collection of songs presented to the world: it will be an expression-greater than the sum of its parts- of a spirit wrought with pain, love, despair and hope. “Beautiful Carnage” will be an unraveling of all things human that draws us toward the transcendent- an unapologetically honest glimpse of the eternal.

In April 2011, it was brought to Chris’ attention that the Telecaster which his best friend, Jeff Buckley, had been known for playing was up for sale. This news brought memories flooding back and re ignited his desire to return to the studio. After a fury of writing he began to lay down the music for the first two tracks of his new brainchild… “Beautiful Carnage”

Read below for a personal note from Chris Dowd regarding this project and visit Chris’ website at for more info on the release of the new album which contains the soon to be released single, “Long Live The Chief”, Chris Dowd’s tribute to his best friend, Jeff Buckley. It was performed at Arlenes Grocery, NYC on 11-13-11. Log on to you tube and catch a performance of the song


Beautiful Carnage
Intimate and sincere; in dedication to a friend; an expression of a spirit; transcendent- an unapologetic glimpse of the eternal.


A Personal Note From Chris Dowd:

~Dear Fans and Friends,

Since as far back as I can remember music has always been my sanctuary. It has served as my church of a higher self, and as a hope for a better understanding of humanity. Through the color and poetry of artistic expression, I found safe haven from the time I was a boy.

The place where melody and voice meet brought unlimited possibilities and creative freedom throughout my life, and the only boundaries that existed were my imagination. I took the listener along with me on a harmonious journey, telling my stories of love, pain, war, agony and ecstasy on the piano, trombone, guitar, and with my voice.

Music also gave me the opportunity to see the world, meet amazing people and have friendships that defined me not only as a man, but as a human being and citizen of the universe. But sometimes when you dream big, you lose big. I left my band Fishbone under a cloud of confusion in 1994, walking off of a tour bus with a broken trombone, my guitar, my keyboard and a suitcase I found on the street in Barcelona.

But even through the pain of ending that musical journey, I found that no great dream is worth having if it isn’t worth fighting for. I have emerged from the dust and the smoke armed with the conviction and armor of truth, ready to tell both my stories and yours, sharing wisdom I have learned from loss and pain, sounds that I have evolved from a beautiful chaos.

I am asking for your help to finish a recording I feel is part of my life’s work. By your contribution, you will be part of the creative process, and in every verse there will be part of you as well as part of myself. Now, without interruption, I bring you Chris Dowd’s Beautiful Carnage.

Thanks for joining me,


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