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by May 3, 2010

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Vol. 12:05 05/13/10

-JeffBuckley.Com-New Website & Forum
-The Last Goodbye: Summer ’10 Pre-Order Tickets
-JB Adulation-Pittsburgh, PA
-Gary Lucas: CD & Tour Dates !

-Spin Mag: Sin-e’- 100 moments that Rocked Our World !
-Jeff’s “Hallelujah”- re-enters iTunes Top 200 Downloads
-Playbill-Broadway Musical Cast Favors Jeff
-Annie Pattison performs Hallelujah – Video
-Pam Anderson’s favorite … Lilac Wine

MARY’S MAILBAG (With Love from MG)
-Recording of Dido’s Lament?
-Jeff Buckley Biopic Update ?

The New Jeff Buckley.Com
Join The Forum
& Meet Jeff Fans From Around The World

Jeff Buckley Music is proud to announce the launch of the newest version of, the most
comprehensive and personal website ever created for Jeff Buckley. The site features Jeff’s personal
hand-writing, thoughts, and philosophies and is the most comprehensive source of factual and
personal Jeff Buckley information to date. Containing a complete FAQ covering Jeff’s name, history,
family, musical life and influences.

The new look was designed by Jeff’s cousin Alison Raykovich, who has worked with Jeff’s mom for almost a decade, and was
inspired by the archival items she has helped to preserve: “The design of the site reflects Jeff’s dedication to his journal writings by the incorporation of an actual page from his journal and titles in Jeff’s own handwriting. The entry page is an animation of the cover artwork Jeff drew for the Peyote Radio Theatre promo only CD, scanned from an autographed copy we bought on eBay! This is an extension of his personal legacy, and we encourage you to become a part of it!”

The site contains gems of Jeff’s quotes, words from Jeff’s friends,articles, a complete listing of Jeff’s Film/TV Credits, Discography and everything you could imagine!You’ll also find updates on Jeff’s band members.You can even upload and share your own photos with us!And,the website is multi-lingual and available in over 50 language translations!

Features include current news, tribute events, birthday presentation archive featuring the 1st Annual Jeff Buckley Family Event, U2’s Tribute to Jeff, a KROQ in-studio performance by Jeff. You can even find Jeff’s personal music CD list, book list and more.

The site is also the home of the Official Jeff Buckley Forum. We invite you all to share your personal “Jeff Buckley Experience”, to contribute to our efforts to bring you the best website we know how to build,and join the conversation with others from all over the world who share your respect for Jeff Buckley, the man, and his music. The forum is hosted by Jaclyn Stewart who brought you The Jeff Buckley Community for many years,with Leslie Spencer. The entry to the site features Jeff’s hand-drawn artwork coming to life … Join us at

The Last Goodbye
Heading To The Williamstown Theater Festival
Summer 2010: Pre-Order Tickets Available Now !

The Last Goodbye Heading To The Williamstown Theater Festival-Summer ’10 Jeff Buckley Music is happy to be joining Michael Kimmel and Lauren Fitzgerald on the road to Williamstown, MA for the official opening of their rock-musical adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. Slated to hit the stage at this summer’s Williamstown Theater Festival, The Last Goodbye gracefully layers Jeff’s powerful music within Shakespeare’s heartbreaking tale.

Until now, the musical has been shown only as a limited-invitation stand up reading in New York and we are thrilled to finally invite the public into our audience to experience the first fully staged production for themselves.

Check the Williamstown Theater Festival website at /413.597.3400

Find out more about the project below:
Broadway World
Rolling Stone
Perez Hilton

May 15th at the Rex Theater-Pittsburgh, PA

“A “Jeff Buckley Adulation” will take place on Saturday May 15th, at the Rex Theater, located at 1602 East Carson Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Doors open at 7pm, show begins at 8pm. Tickets are available in advance for $10.00 via,, and will be sold at the door for $12.00.

Jason Kirin is the Master of Ceremonies and will perform, marking the halfway point of the night, with a special spoken word performance by “Jason Kirin and the Abraxian Harmony.” Jeff Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert,will make a guest appearance.

For the shared love, passion, dedication and endearing grace, Monumentous Productions Presents – An Adulation: Jeff Buckley. Join us for a night of brilliant lights and musical mischief as a handful of heart-stopping, inspiring artists come together to pay tribute to one of the magnificent musicians of our time.

Mary Guibert
– To give a special, honored, guest appearance and a few words.

Jason Kirin/-MC
– And the “Abraxian Harmony” to give a poetry
piece as the halfway mark of show.

David J
– Of Bauhaus and Love & Rockets

Tommy Brunett
– Formerly of the band Modern English.

Justin Andrew
– Formerly of the band cAmErA.

Damien Youth


Jeff Buckley- Live at Sin-e is listed at #37 of 100 moments that
Rocked Our World in the April issue of SPIN Magazine !

Jeff Buckley’s album, GRACE gets shout-outs from two of the lead cast members of Green Day’s American Idiot, Broadway’s new rock musical. When asked, “What Rock Albums Would the American Idiot Gang Take to a Desert Island?”, Tony Vincent, who plays the blood-chilling St. Jimmy, selects Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” among his choices. Stark Sands, who plays Tunny in American Idiot, is tuned to the same station as Vincent: the late Buckley’s “Grace” is on his list, too. Sands called “Grace” “one of the most beautiful and heartbreaking albums of all time…”
Read more at PLAYBILL

Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” re-entered the iTunes Top 200 downloads earlier this year !

Annie Pattison performs a beautiful version of “Hallelujah” on You Tube. You have to see this ! Log on here to be amazed !

Pam Anderson posted on Facbook: all my lilacs are growing in: my favorite , (Jeff Buckley’s video)

For the most up to date Jeff Buckley news, connect with us online at Twitter, Facebook, The Official Jeff Buckley You Tube Channel and Jeff Buckley My Space. The Official Jeff Buckley Forum

Thanks To: Jack Bookbinder, Anthony Nater, Laurie Trombley & Conrad Rippy.

…with love from M. G.

If you have a question for Mary, please tell us what City/Country you are writing from and send them to: [email protected]

*Letters are sent with permission to publish*

Dear Mary,

Hello, I have been searching for a good quality copy of Jeff’s performance of “Dido’s Lament”. So far I have only found distorted versions, however, I noted towards the end of the BBC documentary “Everybody here wants you” that a higher quality sounding version was used.

I would love to have this as it served to demonstrate Jeff’s amazing operatic ability. Would you consider releasing it? If there is anything you can do to help me, your efforts would be tremendously appreciated.

Many thanks,
Lee Tyler/UK

Dear Lee:
I’m so glad you asked this question. It gives me an opportunity to educate some of my readers who aren’t familiar with the “ways of the world” as pertains to recordings that are “out there”, but not available by conventional means. I’m pretty sure the BBC radio program you heard used a bootlegged recording. It’s shocking, I know. We expect much more of The Beeb, but it’s England, and they have their own rules and attitudes about copyrights and artists’rights.

The only recording I have ever heard of the performance was one that was captured by a pocket recorder held by someone in the audience. You an hear throat clearing, chuckling, and coughing very “close by”, and Jeff’s voice, on stage, was far away. However, the P.A. system was good enough and the acoustics of the venue were so “live” that you can definitely hear how amazing the performance was.

I can only assume that the BBC had what I have and cleaned it up and enhanced it digitally for broadcast. If their source is a soundboard recording, which might have been made by the venue and owned by them, I am not aware of its existence. I wish they’d come forward with it so it can be officially released – but the catch is that even though they own the tape, the sound of Jeff’s
voice belongs to Sony Music because of Jeff’s recording contract. All of that is out of my hands. Contrary to popular opinion, even though I am the producer of a project, I can only try to make my opinion heard and respected. The master recording almost always belongs to someone else. Folks who know a little bit about Master Rights and Mechanical Rights can explain to those of you who are scratching your heads. Or, you can look up those terms in Wickipedia – or, better yet, buy a copy of Donald Passman’s book, “Everything You Need to Know About the Music Business”.

As soon as we found out about the broadcast, we thought it meant that there might be a superior quality recording of the performance, so we sprang into action in an effort to track down the recording they used. However, we’re not getting very speedy replies….hmmmm wonder why! lol! I’m not going to relent, so you can be sure I’ll nag them until they tell me where it came
from and hopefully grant “amnesty” to the possessor in exchange for its use in a commercial release. Keep your fingers crossed. Who knows? Maybe even one of our readers might be able to help us. It’s been known to happen!

Thanks for writing in!
Best regards,


Dear Mary,

I would like to know if the rumors about the movie about Jeff’s life is truth. I heard that James Franco would play Jeff Buckley in a biographic film, but then Amazing Grace came out and I didn’t understand if was suppose to substitute the movie or if the movie will happen after all. I think that this matter should be cleaned up, so that misunderstandings stopped happening.

Thanks for the attention. 🙂
Filipa Pinto,

Dear Filipa,

I know there’s a lot of people out there on the Internet who think they know lots more than they really do. Often, they take some gossip and some wishful thinking, combine it, and post it as if it were fact. It would be amusing if it weren’t so much of a disservice to Jeff’s fans. That’s why we have this website!

Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley was a documentary made by Jeff’s friend, Laurie Trombley and her friend, Nyla Adams. It has nothing to do with the biopic.

Mystery White Boy Productions is the company I formed two years ago for the purpose of producing a feature length biopic based on Jeff’s life and musical career. Alison Raykovich and Orian Williams (Control) have signed on as producers. Screenwriter, Ryan Jaffe, is putting finishing touches on a script he wrote at our request, which is as yet untitled. We are currently in search of a director to helm the project. In spite of tantalizing speculation in the press and on the Internet, no roles have been cast, and no one has yet been approached to portray Jeff. Seriously, people! Without a finished script, we wouldn’t even think of discussing acting roles with possible applicants – and no-one worth their salt – including James Franco – would consider taking a role without reading the script and knowing who the director would be. Pulleeeeze!

Whew! Glad I got that off my chest. Thanks for asking so I could vent!

Please, please, my dear friends, know that I will let you all know what the latest and most accurate information on this and every other subject on – so don’t believe anything you read elsewhere if it conflicts with what I’ve told you. And never be afraid to ask me if something you have heard is true. OK?

My love to you all,