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-The 1st Annual JB Tribute Event
-Tribute Recaps: Ireland, Chicago, KC
-Grace Around The World: Hoodies & More !
-The Road Home: A Golden Promise
-Connect with us Online

The First-Annual Los Angeles Tribute Event
sponsored by the Jeff Buckley Music family
Tuesday, November 17th 2009 @ Largo in Hollywood
By Alison Raykovich

(John Doe & Mary Guibert – 1st Annual JB LA Tribute Event, 2009)

This year marked the first Los Angeles Jeff Buckley Tribute to be sponsored by the Jeff Buckley Music family. As we have in the past, JBM worked with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music to raise money and benefit their scholarship program.

The program grants admission to children whose families would otherwise be unable to afford lessons, thus providing priceless cultural enrichment to our community. With the help of online auctions, we were able to donate over $1000.00.

Taking place at the Little Room at the famed Largo Coronet Theatre, the event was small and intimate – and very reminiscent of the stage Jeff took at Siné. We chose four sensational musicians to share in this celebration of life, music, and Jeff Buckley. Joey Ryan, a distinguished acoustic/folk/indie artist, can be heard frequently on KCRW and seen frequently at The Hotel Café.

He treated us to a stunning cover of Mama, You’ve Been On My Mind, in addition to a few of his personal best. Rocco DeLuca, a good friend of Jeff Buckley Music, brought his raw power in both voice and dobro. Fresh off a national tour with Gabriela Y Rodrigo, he graced us with his haunting melodies and jamming blues.

The spectacular Emily Wells joined us in celebration of Jeff, enchanting us with her famously evocative sound. Her dynamic use of loops and echoing harmonies sent shivers as she covered Dream Brother in a way we had never imagined. Bravo!

Finally, we were lucky enough to have the illustrious rock legend John Doe in our midst, rewarding us with covers from Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, along with a collection of his own classic tunes accompanied by Cindy Wasserman. As an American singer, songwriter, actor, poet and bass player, he has remained influential in the world of music since founding the LA punk band X and continues to perform with other legends of indie-rock, punk, and folk. We feel so grateful to have had him with us to celebrate Jeff’s Birthday.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we look forward to seeing you next year at an even bigger show – We will keep you posted on the exciting details!

By Your Request: JB Hoodies & New Extended Sizes !!
Hoodie Featuring Jeff’s hand-drawn skull artwork !

Available to the public for the first time ever, Jeff Buckley Music is proud to offer, by your request …. Jeff Buckley hoodies and more. You’ve been asking and we’ve been listening so these amazing new items are available in extended sizes, up to 2X. Created in celebration of the 1st annual Los Angeles Jeff Buckley Tribute presented by the Jeff Buckley Music Family.

Previously these items were only available via charity auctions, benefiting the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. This exclusive design commemorates the recent release of Jeff Buckley’s new DVD Grace Around The World and features the work of famed photographer Andre Leguz.

The hoodie also includes Jeff’s hand drawn skull artwork, is 100% cotton, in black, by American Apparel. Sizes from Medium to XXL !! These items will not be reproduced, so get yours now and stay warm this winter !!! Order Here:

The Road Home
By Anthony Nater

As most of you would agree, since the first time we were introduced to Jeff’s music something started to happen. His voice, his words, his melodies, the emotion delivered through his music both solo or with the band began to IMPACT each of our lives in one way or another. Whether it has been spiritually, emotionally, physically, or any other way on a personal level, over time this influence his music has had in our lives began to grow and grow. And now after years have passed, THIS impact that still lives within us, is what helps all of us carry on Jeff’s legacy for even more years and years to come.

All of us have helped spread this legacy in many ways… maybe some of us have introduced Jeff’s music to a newer and younger generation, some of us have or will write heartfelt music reminiscent of Jeffs’, some of us may paint a picture, write a poem, or maybe some have even been inspired enough to dedicate their time, money, and love to help other people in need.

We would like to introduce all of you to one of these stories below. Gabrielle Price is a prime example of how Jeff’s music has impacted someone’s life so much that she was compelled to recently start a project dedicated to helping two charitable organizations that had meant something to Jeff personally… Road Recovery and Sweet Relief.

She states, her breaking point to begin this project was a letter written by Jeff’s mother, Mary, about making a “Golden Promise” and “paying it forward”. Gabrielle’s project is called “The Road Home Music Project” and we asked her to personally explain more about it, below, for you all to read. If you would like to get more info or see how you can help Gabrielle’s mission for ‘The Road Home Music Project’ please read on, links are provided below.


Namaste and welcome.

My name is Gabrielle Price. I’m a 42 year old photojournalist in Indianapolis who made a Golden Promise on Jeff’s birthday, November 17th, last year.

My golden promise inspired The Road Home Music Project. A concert series whose intent is to raise awareness and funds for two music charities that were close to Jeff’s heart, while providing an outlet for struggling independent artists to gain a wider audience outside the current music industry box and ‘bottom line’ mentality.

The two charities we strive to help are Road Recovery and Sweet Relief. Please read more about these stellar organizations.
The Road Home is a music project in Indianapolis, Indiana that promotes singer/songwriters, acoustic, folk, world and jazz musicians to share their stories, experience and talent with a focused audience in intimate settings. Our mission is to raise awareness and proceeds to help artists and Road Recovery by ‘paying it forward through music’.

On the anniversary of Jeff’s 43rd birthday this year and The Road Home’s first – our goal was to spread the word, inviting others to make a Golden Promise to pay it forward with acts of kindness, generosity and hope. We are a grass roots project on the path to ‘pay it forward through music’ at every show.

We are blessed and very excited about being featured in the Jeff Buckley International Newsletter. But, as we all know projects and organizations aimed at helping others like The Road Home (as well as both Road Recovery and Sweet Relief) need funds for securing our own venue, obtaining equipment to keep up with our growth as this message is reaching more people with a planned internet radio show in the works.

IF you are interested in helping us…Our goal is $4300 in honor of Jeff’s 43rd birthday anniversary. If each of Jeff’s fans donated a single dollar – we’d more than reach this goal and then some. We know how much he is loved around the world. Any amount is generous, as we know how tight times are for many – especially struggling artists. Sacrificing the cost of a latte, movie night or dinner out goes a long way to paying it forward to raise awareness for at risk youth and musician’s health care funding. Each person who makes a donation will be featured on a special page on our web site, so feel free to message us if you wish to donate in memory of someone you have lost who inspired you and changed your life.

Thank you in advance to all who wish to help The Road Home Music Project, Road Recovery and Sweet Relief!! Your generosity is greatly appreciated and will go a long way toward helping others.

Please feel free to donate to our Chip In event here: or directly to our Paypal address as well: [email protected]

Also don’t forget to check out Road Recovery and Sweet Relief to learn more about these amazing non-profit organizations. FOLLOW The Road Home on Twitter

Take this day to look deep in your heart, find a Golden Promise you can keep – and be the change you wish to see in the world. It really does start with one.

Blessings, peace and grace, Gabrielle /